Changing the way we eat ice cream

BUZZBAR® is the Ultimate Gourmet Ice Cream Cocktail Experience! The world's first gourmet line of ice cream bars and sorbet bars infused with alcohol for 'adults'!

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Our Favorites

Vanilla Daze

Vanilla Ice Cream + Cognac

Bourbon St. Chocolate

Chocolate Ice Cream + Whiskey

Citrus Berry Drop

Raspberry and Lemon Sorbet + Lemon Vodka

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Featured Flavors

Not just ice cream, it's an ice cream cocktail experience! BUZZBAR® is rich, all-natural dairy ice cream and all-natural sorbet made in Vermont with Vermont's finest whole food ingredients and just the right amount of spirits!

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  • Majestic Mango

    Mango and Lime Sorbet + Silver Tequila

    Mouth watering fresh mango sorbet blended with "Top-shelf" Silver Tequila. Makes you feel like you're on a Tropical Island.

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  • Mojito Madness

    Lime and Mint Sorbet + Rum

    Refreshing mint and luscious lime sorbet blended with exotic rum. Nothing says weekend better than this popular, traditional Cuban delight.

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